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Handcrafted for the Dreamers and the Brave-hearts.
Wear a Calisto Breeze, and unleash your power.

Welcome, Brave One

Calisto Breeze is a small family business. All our pieces are uniquely handcrafted by us and usually are made to order.

We love a green planet. That's why each sale plants a tree. Read more in our blog.

Buy with a clean conscience. We use ethically sourced, and environmentally friendly materials only.

Find Your Talisman, Find Your Courage

Ever feel like you’re out of control over your own life? Want to be reminded of your strengths and abilities? There’s a power within you that only waits to unfold.

I am Carolina, designer, and owner of Calisto Breeze Jewelry. As a human in a big big world that manipulates us all into feeling small and insignificant, I know how dull and washed out life may seem. From a young age I felt like society and the media served as a sedative to my inner beliefs, while I was trying to embrace my individuality and uniqueness. In my mind I was capable of anything, out in the open I was reduced into what others thought was the “right” way to feel and to act. When I designed my first jewelry piece, I wanted a Talisman of protection and empowerment that’ll keep the negative energies at bay. I never imagined this would happen next…