Our Story

Here in Calisto Breeze we don’t just create jewelry, we forge them under a blanket of protective prayers and affirmations, infusing them with magic and charging them with whispers of beauty and courage.
Each and every piece we create has its own spirit and its own story to tell. With the breath of life into its creation; it is granted its character and its soul. We help it transform from jewelry into a talisman or a totem whos energy will guide your on your path. To bless you with fortune in your journeys. To protect you from harm. To bring forth clarity. To enhance your talents. To wash you with the kind of energy we feel when we’re being reborn – blissful and happy, ready to conquer our biggest aspirations and dreams.
Wear Calisto Breeze, and unleash your God-like powers.


Ready to Find Your Voice?

Find the perfect piece to serve as your personal talisman and a daily reminder of how strong you really are.