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“Friendships” black diamond stacking ring


Symbolizing authority and power, black Diamonds are known to have mystic powers that bring forth one’s charisma and wrap their wearer with determination. This is a perfect ring for those who seek originality and higher self-esteem, as black Diamonds are believed to create achievements and above all, symbolize eternal love in any kind of relationship.

  • 14k gold band, crafted entirely by hand.
  • 11 natural, ethically sourced Black Diamonds, 1.5mm each.

This eternity ring will be a beautiful gift for either you or a loved one, serving as a friendship band or as an everyday reminder of how gorgeous you are.

Ring Size

3 US, 3.5 US, 4 US, 4.5 US, 5 US, 5.5 US, 6 US, 6.5 US, 7 US, 7.5 US, 8 US, 8.5 US, 9 US, 9.5 US, 10 US