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“Fleur De Lis” Customizable Cuff Bracelet


Our Fleur-de-Lis cuff bracelet is a Calisto Breeze all-time favorite piece. This uniquely crafted cuff has been our #1 best-seller since day one and was one of our first intricate works when we embarked on our jewelry-making journey. This wire-wrapped bracelet made its appearance at many weddings, festivals, fashion shows, and a few movie sets around the world.
Featuring beautiful, natural gemstones, it can be wrapped around your arms or wrists and it can even be used as an anklet in times you’re feeling truly lustrous.
Please be sure to measure your arm and contact us upon purchase for a perfect fit.

  • Features ethically sourced natural gemstones of your choice. Contact us for your favorite gemstone.
  • Part of our Green Earth Jewelry¬© Collection: the copper wires used in this piece are recycled.
  • Made-to-order, customizable piece. Please choose a gem for the flower bud part.
  • For the perfect fit, please include your wrist or arms size in your order.
  • Carefully bend it to fit your arm or wrist to position it in the best way of your liking.

Being our best-selling jewelry piece, this bracelet is charged with our greatest emotions. We wish good faith and fortune upon its wearer. May it bring you the strength and happiness it has brought us in its creation. We made it with the Bravehearts in mind, those who are not afraid to chase their dreams and bring their vision to life. Wearing this piece, you will be transformed into a creator, beaming with inspiration.

Contact us for custom requests.

Gemstone Type

white Howlite, Milky Opalite, Picture Jasper, Kambaba Jasper, Red Jasper, Cherry Quartz, Yellow Tigereye, Purple Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate