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“Red Forest” silver & gold ring


Red Garnets are not only symbols of love, but also of energy and courage. Focusing energies on manifesting the future you want and deserve, they wrap you with a beautiful aura that makes you invincible, making your goals seem achievable and near. In ancient times travelers used to carry garnets to light up their path and promise fortune on their way.
Entirely crafted by hand from silver plates, this unique engagement band also features 14k gold leaves and a gold crown that contrasts the fiery red color of the Garnet.
It is polished to a beautiful shine, making this ring look as if was taken from a fairy tale. Wearing it, you are promised to unless the Goddess within you, as this ring beams with charisma and uniqueness.

  • Featuring natural, ethically sourced wine red Garnet stone.
  • Additional 2 Natural White Diamonds, 1.5 mm in size.
  • This ring is ready to ship in size 8 US. Not your size? Contact us, we will make another, especially for you.

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