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Ethiopian Black Opal earrings and necklace set


Known for their mysterious, captivating character, these black Opals shine with the rarest fires. The elvish-inspired design resembles the wings of a silver butterfly, complemented by a deep black Onyx bead. The earrings are completely handmade, each part thoughtfully crafted from Silver plates and polished to a beautiful shine. Black Opals are the stones of prediction which encourage intuition and the freedom and courage needed to be independent. These would be perfect for someone who wants to connect to their inner self and feel empowered.

  • These earrings are part of a set. You are able to purchase the entire set for 500$ or each item separately.
  • This set features ethically sourced natural Ethiopian Black Opals.
  • The earrings shine with rare reds, greens, and blues. The black opal on the necklace shifts from forest greens to oceanic blues.
  • If you purchase the entire set, we will add a silver chain free of charge.

This item is one of a kind due to the nature of the gems. We will not be able to duplicate these, which makes them even more special.
However, if you like this kind of design, feel free to contact us for a custom request. We would be happy to make you the design of your dreams.

Together or separately, these items are carefully gift-wrapped and ready to be handed as a gift to a loved one. If you are buying these for yourself, we promise you to feel energized and awesome when you wear them, because we poured a lot of love into making them.

We advise you to keep this away from the reach of children, as some parts of this intricate piece may be sharp to the touch.

Jewelry Type

Earrings ONLY, Necklace ONLY, Entire Set