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“Purple Dancer” Amethyst engagement ring


This graceful and elegant ring is one to tell stories about. The gorgeous Amethyst stone floats in a beautifully elevated silver crown, featuring white diamonds that create a gentle contrast to the stone’s charisma. Flattered by a 14k gold band, the gem looks as if it’s flying in the air. What makes this engagement ring truly unique is that it holds a secret; on one side, it’s a purple dancer that shines in a thousand beams of light, on the other, a romantic and mysterious red Ruby stone with more white Diamonds to enhance the beauty in your hand.
Amethysts are known for their healing properties that help purify both mind and soul, releasing stress and filling your life with abundance. Red Rubies are for passion and love, one that grows from within and helps embrace one’s inner truth. This ring has tons of character and will make you feel like the true Goddess you are.

  • This ring is ready to ship in size 7.5 US, packed in a beautiful velvet box.
  • We only use ethically sourced gemstones in our jewelry designs.
  • 14k Gold band crafted entirely by hand. Silver plates were used for the creation of the floating crown.
  • Front: Purple Amethyst stone with additional 2 Natural White Diamonds, measuring 1.5 mm.
  • Back: Red Ruby stone with 2 Natural White Diamonds, 1.5 mm in size

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